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4 tips on a Courthouse Wedding

Courthouse weddings are the new big weddings but more affordable, intimate and stress free.

When it comes to planning a wedding you have to think of all the things you and your partner love combined with what others will enjoy, which, quite honestly becomes less about your moment and more about how to please everyone else. This is why people opt to elope or have a surprise wedding....less stress and more care free.

What I loved about Lauren + Jacobs wedding was how spontaneous and simple it was. A small group of their friends and family came to celebrate them shortly after the ceremony which was followed by some fun bride and groom portraits in downtown fort worth.

Here are some tips when booking a courthouse wedding:

-if you have a date in mind, don’t wait, book it in advance so you have a secure time locked in {this will help to utilize your photographers time as well}

-if the main courthouse is booked, no worries, you can do your ceremony at their smaller precinct & then walk over to the main courthouse for couple and family photos.

-research marriage licenses, you cant get married until you have that secured.

-invite a small group of friends or family to celebrate you. Most courthouses make for beautiful backdrops and if not, you can utilize the surrounding city views or find cool blank walls to do them.

In the meantime, here is some photos of Lauren and Jacobs day. We did 4 hours of wedding coverage and managed to get in the ceremony, family photos and some fun bride and groom portraits.

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