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"KERR"ently Engaged

A wedding proposal gone viral is what Kyle Noonan didn't originally have planned for his girlfriend, Courtney Kerr, however, COVID-19 changed our way of life.

It all started 3 months ago when Kyle went shopping for a 40th birthday present for himself, which was a particular wrist watch he had been wanting. When he went to see one of his jeweler friends at Diamonds Direct he noticed a beautiful canary yellow diamond engagement ring that Courtney specifically said she would want if she were to ever get married someday. Well, you can guess what happened next, Kyle decided to wait on the watch and walked out of Diamonds Direct with the ring of his girlfriend's dream.

Kyle's original plan to propose was going to be anything but simple and low key but then our nation was slammed with a global pandemic, he knew he had to make alternate plans.

Capitalizing on their access to social media and his impending 40th birthday, Kyle hosted an Instagram live story where Courtney thought she would be toasting him only to be surprised by this story's twist. Much to Courtney's shock, all her friends and family were in on it waiting outside to pop champaign bottles and celebrate the two of them (at a distance of course). After the proposal, which I have to say was a tear jerker, Courtney and Kyle came outside to all of their loved ones screaming and honking while Pat Green performed live their song "Crazy".

I wish Courtney and Kyle all the love in this world, they created an abundance of joy amidst the chaos we are all living.

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