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The Virgin Hotel Elopement

It was March 21st, 2020 and just a few days later President Trump ordered 158 million Americans to stay home to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Thankfully, prior to all of this taking place, Daniel + Kacie were able to have their small intimate wedding with their kids and family at The Virgin Hotel in Dallas, Texas. The weather was perfect for an outdoor ceremony on the 4th floor terrace.

Daniel & Kacie were set up by mutual friends several times before they finally met up. They both attended Texas Tech and crossed paths many times, however, it wasn't in Gods plan to have them meet until the timing was right. As time passed, they both decided to meet after work one day at Henrys Majestic for a drink which turned into a 3 hour conversation.

Almost two years passed and Kacie + Daniel were in Sarasota, FL for what Kacie thought was just a work trip. She insisted on going to the beach as soon as they got off the plane because Kacie loves the beach. When they got there that's when Daniel got down on one knee and asked Kacie to be his wife. The rest is history for these two and I wish them both all the love in the world.

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