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the experience:

forget the camera is there & imagine the perfect date

you only wished was captured...

I often get told "we are so awkward",

"I hate getting my photos taken",

"i am so stressed about this",

"photoshop me and make me look good",

just to name a few. 

Fast forward to when we are done---"that was so fun",

"you made it so easy",

"I love how you captured us",

"how will we ever choose a favorite"----That is the EXPERIENCE. 

My job as your photographer is to listen, capture, and tell your story.

From those awkward moments to the simplest glances,

you would be surprised how amazing you look to someone else's eye. 


build the bond:

Getting to know my clients (soon to be friends) is part of the experience.If it's connecting on instagram, facebook, facetime chats or grabbing coffee (covid safety in mind), I want to get to know you and your partner, your story, your loves, and what makes your love for one another come to life. 


the vibe:

"wherever the sun goes, I will follow"...with that being said, lighting + outfit selections play a big role in the outcome of my edits. I will always ask my clients to send me their outfit selections via text or email so we can plan their session according to locations and lighting that day. Primary colors + lots of patterns generally become too busy and can affect the way your photo looks; but, have no fear, I am here to help with all of that. Also, check out my pinterest account for more ideas.  

we all know picking a location can be the hard part but rest assured I have a select number of locations I shoot at; this is because I know the in's & out's of the spot. 
If you have an idea in mind, I would love to chat more about it to make sure I can deliver what you envision. Otherwise, I suggest referring to my Instagram for inspo ideas. 


some people love props (& nothing against that), I however, love nature and the natural environment + try to keep added accessories to a minimum. It's better to let you and your partner tell your story + leave the prop out of it. 


honoring your story

is this your story or someone else's? There are times I get couples who follow the heard + do what mom & dad did, grandparents or just following tradition. Fast forward a few years later I cant tell you how many people wish they had done something different, a story that was more true to them (I am one of those people). 

Whether it's a backyard wedding, eloping on a mountain top, or wearing all black, this is you + and your partners story; focus on your love and exposing it for everyone to see. 

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